Gopal Narayan Singh University, Jamuhar, Sasaram recognized by UGC is the fastest-growing private university of Bihar. The university was established in the year 2018 under Bihar Private University Act, 2013. Under the guidance of our Hon'ble Chancellor of the University Sri Gopal Narayan Singh, Hon’ble Member of Rajya Sabha and widely acclaimed as a great parliamentarian and above all an excellent man, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. Inspired by the dream of his mother & father our Hon’ble Chancellor Sri Gopal Narayan Singh established Narayan Medical College & Hospital in the year 2008 affiliated with the Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara. At present Narayan Nursing College, Narayan Institute of Pharmacy, Narayan Academy of Managerial Excellence, Narayan Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Horticulture, Agronomy, Plant Pathology, Plant Genetic & Breeding, Fishery and several other courses including Post Graduate & PhD Programs are running in the University with a focus on Rural Education, Women Education & Empowerment to nurture rural areas of South Bihar. Gopal Narayan Singh University is the only private residential university of Bihar with a sustainable campus situated at the Bank of Sone River.


After excelling in various disciplines such as medicine and allied courses, Gopal Narayan Singh University had decided to impart quality legal education with the aim to produce legal professionals to enrich and serve the system of administration of justice of our country. Narayan School of Law under the aegis of Gopal Narayan Singh University is in the making of an innovative educational community with a belief in preparing students for global leadership in the legal world. Narayan School of Law was established in 2018 and is approved by the Bar Council of India, New Delhi. At present we are offering three undergraduate courses i.e. B.A.LL.B., B.B.A.LL.B. & LL.B. as well as LL.M. and PhD. Course.

Programmes offered

  • LL.B.-3 Years Course.
  • B.A. L.LB.- 5 Years Course.
  • B.B.A. LL.B. - 5 Years Course.
  • LL.M. (Two Year)
  • Ph.D.
About Conference

International Seminar on  Human Rights and Gender Justice in the 21st Century is being organized by the Narayan School of Law, Gopal Narayan Singh University, on 11-12 Feb 2022. The aim of this International Conference is to bring together academicians, students, human rights activists and other intellectuals on one platform to discuss the various issues concerning gender justice and human rights in the 21st Century and to discuss the measures to curb such issues.


Human rights are the basic rights that every human is entitled to and even though humans have succeeded in reaching the moon and have technologically advanced yet we have failed as a society to ensure and guarantee this basic right to everyone. These rights cannot be taken away but certainly are restricted and has become a privilege in the hands of some. In today’s global village gender is not just limited to the old school idea of male and female or just defined by the biology of the human body, gender has acquired a vast meaning and has many faces to it. This broadened horizon of gender has indeed created many gaps between genders and that indeed has led to many human rights violations. The aim of this seminar is to bring together nationally and internationally acclaimed academicians, students, human rights activists and other intellectuals on one platform to discuss the various issues concerning gender justice and human rights and to discuss the measures to curb such issues and envision an India where Human Rights are protected, respected and fulfilled.



  • Human Rights of Women, Children, Migrant Workers, the Aged and Disabled

  • Challenges to Human Rights during Covid-19

  • Reference to POCSO Act and Protection of Human Rights

  • Human Trafficking and Bride trafficking, Protection of Children from Sexual Offences

  • Social and political rights of the third gender

  • Hurdles in Achieving Gender Justice as a Human Right.

  • Status of Indigenous People

  • Constitutional Rights and Safeguards provided to the vulnerable groups

  • State responsibility to protect against gender discrimination

  • Legal services for :

    1. under-trial prisoners

    2. women/child victim of trafficking

    3. juveniles in the juvenile justice system

  • Enforcement Mechanism and Protective Laws for the marginalized section: NationalPerspective

  • Women in Conflict, Refugee Crisis and Gender Justice.

  • Surrogacy in the context of Reproductive choice of women.

  • Sexual offences and quality of consent vis-à-vis marital rape and stealing.

  • Economic operation of women in the unorganized sector.

  • Gender discrimination in marriages and divorce and sensitivity of the justice delivery mechanism.

  • Economic Empowerment of Women to bridge Gender Gap

  • Rape Culture, Sexual Harassment and Lack of Gender Sensitive Education

  • Role of Educational Institution in promoting Gender Equality and Advocacy

  • Sex-Selective Abortions.

  • Gender Equality and Violence against Women.

  • Role of NGO’s in gender justice.

  • Women’s representation and Participation in Politics/Justice delivery system.

  • Challenges to legal aid for gender protection.

  • Role of social media in defining image of women

  • Media policy on gender sensitivity issues

    *these sub-themes are merely suggestive in nature and are not exhaustive.


The Authors: Academicians, Jurists, Social Scientists, Professionals, Analyst, Researchers, Students, Activists, Entrepreneurs, etc., National or International are invited to contribute an original paper on the theme. The articles shall be blind peer-reviewed and plagiarism checked before publication. The authors are suggested to send their creative with not more than 10 percent similarity as per UGC rules.

  • Submissions are accepted only in the English language.

  • All articles must be accompanied by an abstract not exceeding 500 words with keywords highlighted.

  • The abstract must expressly include the novelty and usefulness of the idea that the author wishes to put forth and must categorically mention the specific contribution of the article beyond the existing available literature.

  • Co-authorship (with a cap of two authors) is permitted for all articles.

  • The manuscript should not contain any references to the identity of the authors.

  • The body of the manuscript should be in Times New Roman, Font Size – 12 and 1.5-line spacing. The footnotes should be in Times New Roman, Font Size 10 and single line spacing.

  • The paper must have similarities/plagiarism check, and not more than 10%.

  • The citations must conform to the Bluebook 21st edition style of citation.

  • Manuscripts should only use footnotes as a means of citation. No other method shall be permitted.

  • Substantive endnotes are permissible.

  • Submission of Abstract: 30th December 2021

  • Intimation of Abstract Acceptance: Within a week of submission of abstract

  • Submission of Full Paper: 20th January 2022

  • Date of Conference: 11-12 February 2022

Only registered participants will receive a Certificate.


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