Dear Stakeholders,

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you to this new seat of learning in the state of Bihar. Our new University, Gopal Narayan Singh University (GNSU) is not merely a brick and mortar structure; it is a forceful system that would eventually guide the generations to come to become contributors to the societal development through pursuit of excellence in every process. It is a place to augur intellectual caliber and devise methods towards meaningful attainment of the desired goals of educating the uneducated!

The credentials on which it stands today include the ‘excellence’ factor built into the DNA of this University System. The aim is clear, a transparent and robust system meant to build responsible citizens for an uncertain tomorrow where nothing can be predicted. Offering a sensible intellectual to the society brings drastic changes, history is witness. Hence, the GNSU invites you to witness this silent educational revolution which is expected to transform the lives of not only the people in and around Jamuhar but also of catchment areas.

We are sure that our work culture of excellence, transparency, healthy barrier-free environment and meaningful guidance will spearhead this movement that would ultimately make us sustainable in the time to come.



Registrar, GNSU

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