National Cadet Corps as the foremost organization of our youth has been performing a unique service to the nation by inculcating the spirit of national integration and unity in our youth and molding them into responsible and disciplined citizen.

N.C.C Unit in Gopal Narayan Singh University was established from the foundation of the University. The cadets of this University are very active at the Unversity and state level. Weekly parade and classes are being organized for 2 hours every Tuesday.

Strength: – 100 cadets are enrolled under the N.C.C.Unit of the University.

Training Activities:-Training forms the backbone of N.C.C. N.C.C. provides different types of training activities to the Cadets. The training activities are broadly divided into four categories –

  • Institutional Training
  • Adventure Training
  • Youth Exchange Programme
  • Community Development Programme/Social Service Activities


Institutional Training:- The aim of the training is to enable the cadets to build character traits of a good citizen, including the values of regimental way of life which is essentially inculcating the values of discipline, punctuality, respect of authority, correct work ethos and self-confidence. Weekly classes has been arranged in Unversity campus to impart training to the cadets on N.C.C. subjects such as military subjects, leadership and civil duties. 

Camp Training: – NCC Cadets of this University has participated in different camps throughout the country round the year.


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