India’s improved system is education is cited as one of the main contributors to its economic improvement. While enrolment in higher education is only 14% of the total primary education, it is far behind in comparison to developed and other developing countries in world.

This percentage has to be improved at par with developed countries. Keeping in view to this fact many private sector institutions have come up to provide higher education. Gopal Narayan Singh University, Sasaram, a private University, is non-profit university in remote area of Bihar, which has been established to provide higher education to downtrodden, poor & helpless people in Bihar.

Its main focus is also to rope in girl’s candidate as far as possible leading to women empowerment. The University will also focus on rural oriented education like agriculture, animal husbandry, rural industry, social education, family welfare education. The university has already focused on quality education, research, dissemination of knowledge, creation of intellectual ability, CME, Centre of excellence art facilities for training. The university will definitely stand by standard set by University Grant Commission.


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