Gopal Narayan Singh University(GNSU) has organized a Six days Research Orientation Workshop at Narayan Medical College and Hospital from 8th December 2020 to 15th December for all faculty members and medical students. During the workshop, Prof. Dr. Dileep Kumar M, Professor, Research and Strategy, has imbibed adequate knowledge regarding high impact research in the field of medicine and surgery, and the very importance of continuous institutional engagement in research. Gopal Narayan Singh University (GNSU) strongly believes that a proper research orientation and engagement of faculty members can bring the best of research accolades to the institution in order to groom ourselves as one of the best research universities in the coming days in Bihar.

The following elements of Research were discussed and worked upon with the participants:

  1. Literature Matrix Development 
  2. Identifying Research Gap
  3. Research Designs and Methodology
  4. Arriving at Sound Implications 
  5. High Impact Publications



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