The faculty of commerce organized an Intra department Collage making competition on 8th Oct 2021 at Gopal Narayan Singh University. The Collage is a unique technique of combining imagination and creativity with colour and paint tones and tints.

Students from all the semesters of B.Com and M.Com participated in the competition.

The themes for the competition  were:

 Business Issue:                                                Social Issue:
1.    Brand Management                                  1.    Women Empowerment
2.    Business Environment                              2.    Make in India
3.    Business Communication                         3.    Pollution
4.    Business Intelligence                                4.    Digital India
5.    Capital Budgeting                                     5.    Terrorism
6.    E-Commerce                                            6.   Youth and Spirituality
7.    Entrepreneurship    
8.    Green Marketing    
9.    Consumer relationship Management    
10.    Marketing Mix    
11.    Financial Intermediaries    
12.    Training & developments    
13.    Product Management    
14.    RBI     
15.    Demonetization

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