We at Narayan School of law understand our social responsibility as a law institution. We understand that the help of the law must reach the last person.To achieve this, we have a functional legal aid society represented by both Faculty members and students. We work with a dual objective firstly aware the masses of their legal rights with a special focus on far-fetched rural and tribal areas and secondly solve their legal problem by way of legal advice, drafting applications, referring to the authorities, communicating with DALSA etc. At times, we come across many problems which are not strictly legal such as issues with Rashan card, MNREGA etc we always try to help them as much as possible.
Under the legal aid society, we have a legal aid clinic on the college premise where any person could come and seek legal help. The legal aid clinic is open from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM.Recently, we have conducted a legal awareness campaign in the villages such as Rasulpur and Nokha where students under the guidance of faculty members interacted with the local people and counselled them on various issues.The legal aid society actively collaborated with the District legal services authority, Rohtas and conducted many meaningful programs together such as nukkad natak on important social issues.We are looking forward to conducting more such outreach programs by way of Jan sunwai,  jagrukta abhyan, special lectures, training and workshop sessions etc. to achieve the goal of access to justice for all.

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